Social Media Campaigns

TP Entertainment and Productions is an award winning documentary and ad spot producer that uses these creative tools, combined with online optimization expertise, to dominate search engine rankings for our clients.

Proven Formula – Google Entertainment Newmarket Ont. TPE’s posts always comes up top 10. We can do that for you – linking you in on top – starting at $600 yr service. TPE’s unique set up allows for ongoing updates and changes for clients to suit changing needs for years to come with little maintenance.

Whether enhancing and advising you on your current social media or working towards promoting your business, TPE uses solutions techniques proven effective. See any other Logo’s top 10 all the time? It could be YOU!

TPE has a footprint in many online channels as well including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Google+ and SnapChat among some which is used to further share our clients with our network on a continual basis.

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Video and Media Production

Whether you want services to produce a live performance or capture one, TPE offers their expertise to enhance your production regardless which.

Additional online promotional tools such as TPE’s extensive online network of channels work in tandem to keep sending your way even after the production is complete. TPE’s channels rank all year round – not just during your production – and can be reused to clients repeated and ongoing advantage often.

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Live Services

Live events and productions coverage including press releases, press kits, promo, during, and follow up coverage using video/ photography and social media platforms and TPE’s online optimization techniques to maximize your audience reach.

No one covers events better than TPE.

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Tom’s Top 10 Guides

As experienced, optimized content creators and award winning content / media / ad spot producers, TPE offers a unique mix that guarantees provable results. Google “Entertainment Newmarket” Ontario as an example.

We handle everything from traditional individual production needs including crew, studio locations providers,  copy writing to producing specialized online enhanced media designed to take it to the top of the search engine rankings. Tom’s Top 10 Guides originated from this.

TPE specializes in assisting small to medium sized businesses and talent compete with the big corporations at a fraction of the cost.

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Award Winning TPE's Tom Pearson

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Contact TPE for a free estimate on our services. Enhanced online service to increase online traffic and profile of your business or talent starts @ $600 year with results we can prove.

Whether we help you through advice to enhance what you’re currently doing or handle a stand alone event or take over administrating your social media, TPE is flexible to fulfill your company’s needs.

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